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If you frequently need to stop the boiler for water washing and have elevated levels of chloride and/or potassium in the black liquor, a Valmet ash treatment system gives you increased uptime and production. Valmet has extensive references of ash treatment systems and offers three solutions that remove unwanted chemicals from the electrostatic

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2015-7-31 · a high brightness if required [1]. The black liquor is separated out from the pulp before the bleaching process. Figure 1 illustrates an overview of the main energy and material streams in a conventional sulphate/kraft pulp mill with a recovery boiler. In the recovery boiler, the black liquor is burned and chemicals are recovered and reformed.

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Black liquor gasification results in a 14% improvement in energy efficiency over recovery boilers. Syngas produced by the gasification of black liquor can be converted to liquid fuels, power, or chemicals and yields a variety of financial options for pulp and paper mills. This technology can convert mills to

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The recovery boiler is used to produce steam for heating and electricity and to recover valuable cooking chemicals for use in the digester. It is made up of the fireside, or furnace, where the black liquor is burned and the heat transfer section, where steam is created.


2018-1-10 · BLACK LIQUOR GASIFICATION An alternative to the recovery boiler involves the gasification of black liquor. A high pressure, high temperature gasifier (HPHT) that incorporates combined cycle has the potential to produce more energy than the pulp and paper mill uses and is a long-term goal of the industry. This

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2009-4-14 · The black liquor raising U.S. spirits and leaving us with a hangover is a concentrated residue of wood lignin that is a byproduct of making kraft pulp. The "liquor" is separated out in a recovery boiler and then used as fuel to keep the boiler going. Now, some enterprising American pulp and paper producers have implemented a spectacularly

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2013-3-8 · Eastern Canadian Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee & PAPTAC Steam & Power Committee When the put liquor back in boiler thought they heard a noise. Spoutman said spouts flowing poorly. Independent power producers. Lots of upgrades all over the place.

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2019-4-22 · The black liquor contains more than half of the energy content of the wood fed into the digester of a kraft pulp mill. It is normally concentrated to 65 - 80% by multi-effect evaporators and burned in a recovery boiler to produce energy and recover the cooking chemicals. The viscosity increases as the concentration goes up. At about 50 - 55% solids the salt solubility limit is reached.

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2017-2-24 · black liquor (through the evaporation pro-cess) and high steam values in the recovery boiler are the determining factors in turning the pulp mill into obtaining a net energy sur-plus from the pulp mill. Increasing the power-to-heat ratio AndRItz has been a pioneer in developing High Energy Recovery Boiler (HERB) tech-


tubes in kraft black liquor recovery boilers was first observed in Scandinavia, but hs problem has now been found in many North American boilers. In most cases, cracking in the outer 304L stainless steel has not progressed into the carbon steel, but the potential for such crack propagation is a cause of concern.


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